Zapable Create Mobile Apps In Less Than 60 Seconds

Zapable created by Chris Fox. This is a mobile app builder and with this software you can create professional mobile app within minutes, you can build instant amazon stores, affiliate marketing apps, build local business apps and much more…this software display products from it iTunes. movies, digital books, apps, if app user make a purchase goes through your affiliate link you earn a commission, very very powerful software to making money today!

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Product Features :

  • Push Button Notifications, Can send notifications to anyone who has downloaded the app. Incredibly high response rates.
  • Itunes Integration, Display products from it iTunes. Movies, digital books, apps. if App user make a purchase goes through your affiliate link you earn a commission
  • Click to call, Hyperlink phone number. If they click the number is hyperlinked and will start the call
  • Click to Email, Hyperlinked Email. If they click the email its hyperlinked and will open the email in their default email client
  • Contact Form, Add a contact us form within the app
  • Facebook, Add your fan page in a simple click. Auto updates in real time as you update your page
  • Twitter, Add your twitter feed in a simple click
  • Instagram, Display your images. Updates in real time as you upload new pictures to instagram
  • Background, Choose your own background or our 20+ templates
  • Splash Screen, Customisation for the image while app is loading
  • Location, Add the address to your /your clients business and displays map. Use GPS from their phone to show real time directions based on their current location
  • Admob, Add in advertising to your app. Get paid when someone clicks an ad.
  • Add Videos, Add videos from any your YouTube Channel or any other one. Upload any in .mp4, .mov
  • Add Articles, Add unlimited article pages to your app
  • Icons, Add your own of choose from our library
  • Drag n Drop Colour Editor
  • Amazon Catalogue, Build out full catalogue within your app based on Keywords
  • Opt in Forms, Collect emails in app. Automatically integrates with popular auto responders like Aweber and Get response. Alternatively just download your leads.
  • Flicker, Add new Images via this service
  • Loyalty cards, Add virtual loyalty card to your app with a “stamp” reward system
  • Link to Popular Food Portals, Add to online ordering services like just Eat, Grub Hub
  • Header Images, Change your header image
  • Add Images, Add images to your app. Choose from our 1000+ library (update weekly) or upload your own
  • Menus, Uses popular menu sites
  • Table Reservations, Reserve table in app . Locks into several mainstream sites
  • Appointment Forms, Great to schedule appointments. Local business like law firms, dentists, doctors, physio’s etc
  • Sound Cloud/Podcasts, Intergrade your sound clout account upload pod casts

This product fully customizable design :

  • Dozens of Ready Made background templates
  • 100’s of App Icons to Use
  • Customize your own App Icons
  • Drag n drop real time colour changer
  • Change, text, titles, icons, backgrounds, hover over, all done real time
  • Upload your own template/background
  • Customize Splash screen (Screen as app loads)
  • Re arrange your features wherever you want
  • all done real time

Zapable powerful mobile app builder you can create professional mobile app within minutes! no technical skill required!