WP VAT Buster Your One Stop Solution To EU VAT

WP VAT Buster created by Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson. This is a wordpress plugin, you can use this plugin to sell digital products safely anywhere in the world without compromising standards and without penalising affiliates. This is a very clever plugin that automatically redirects EU traffic to a reseller sales page and to affiliates you can use this plugin to create their own unique affiliate link with the click of a button and this plugin automatically cookies them for both platforms!. By using WP VAT Buster, you will make more money!

WP VAT Buster Plugin FREE DOWNLOAD By Barry Rodgers

Here’s what you get with this plugin :

  • Universal Cookies, Your affiliate will get credited for EVERY sale made no matter who it’s through!
  • Use on ANY Platform, Not limited to JVZoo and Clickbank, it can be through ANY other platforms you choose to use
  • No Tech Skills Required, Incredibly easy to use, copy and paste simple!
  • Full Training, Full video training in your member’s area, including advanced tips and tricks
  • Unrivalled Customer Support, just ask any of our previous customers!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • And Much More …

Product benefits :

  • As a product vendor you do not have to worry about the new EU VAT rules AT ALL everything is taken care of for you!
  • Turn a threat into an opportunity, don’t restrict yourself to just one platform, harness the power of two affiliate networks and REALLY ramp up your sales
  • Guaranteed commissions means affiliates never have to worry either about losing sales to EU customers, giving you a REAL advantage over other product vendors
  • By using this plugin you will make more money now and know it’s safe from the clawing hands of the tax man

WP VAT Buster very powerful and best choice for you, you can use this plugin to sell digital products safely anywhere in the world!. You can combine this plugin with this social store app and build viral profit pulling stores in minutes!