WP Scarcity Jeet The Most Effective CTA Trigger and Conversion Booster!

WP scarcity jeet created by Cyril Gupta. With this plugin you can convert your visitors into customers hands down and watch your profits shoot through the roof. With this wordpress plugin you can boost your cenversions by up 350% or more!. This is a simple little plugin that you can put into your wordpress blog right now and get an immediate conversion boost. The plugin will create a scarcity bar on your website along with an eye-catching countdown timer that counts down the number of seconds, showing your visitor exactly how much time he has left to grab the offer.

WP Scarcity Jeet FREE DOWNLOAD By Cyril Gupta

Here’s how this worpress plugin will put more money in your pocket :

  • Offer time or quantity limited incentives to your visitors, getting them to sign up on your list to make it just EXPLODE!
  • Create special offers during specific events like Christmas, easter, black friday, valentine’s day etc.
  • Organize an online time-limited sale just like the corporate retailers do during end of season, etc.
  • Double or triple your conversions throug product launches and offers on Clickbank, JVZoo, etc.
  • Send your customer directly to the buy button on your webpage.
  • Create a lead-grabbing overlay through out your site to give a power-boost to your list-building efforts.
  • Customize every aspect of the plugin easily to create awesome Scarcity Bars that jazz up your webpage and improve your conversions even more.

WP Scarcity Jeet does everything in style :

  • Choose from snazzy Slide-in, or Fade-in effect to make your scarcity offer appear in a very cool and professional fashion. Beats just popping up every time.
  • Play an attention grabbing sound when WP scarcity jeet appears on screen. Guaranteed to grab the viewer’s attention and make him really focus on your offer.

This is powerful plugin to convert your visitors into customer hands down and watch your profits shoot through the roof, you can combine this plugin with this powerful technique to rank your blog at the top of google and boost your cenversions by up 350% or more!