Video Turbo Store Make Any Video Into Profit Pulling Machine

Video turbo store created by Peter Beattie, this is a wordpress plugin designed to turn any video into your very own profit pulling machine. Video turbo store is a player not only designed for marketers but designed to sell. By letting your visitors browse product without ever leaving your video, you’re leading them from engagement, to product, to purchase. This is a simple wordpress plugin, meaning you can have it installed on your wordpress powered site and ready to go in minutes, no technical skills required!

Video Turbo Store Plugin FREE DOWNLOAD

Here’s what you get :

  • The easy to use video player plugin for wordpress, You’ll get instant access to the “Video Turbo Store” video player plugin for wordpress, which you can download immediately and have your own video store up and selling in minutess!
  • Step by step video guidance, You’ll get instant access to step by step on how to use this plugin and how to put it to work for you and your videos.
  • Speedy personal support from Peter and Emily, If you get stuck or need help, you’ll get a speedy reply from Peter or Emily directly!

Product benefits :

  • Slick and streamlined, video turbo store has been optimised to give you the best possible performance, so it’s not going to slow your site with a load of features you never use. It does what you need, only what you need, and does it fast.
  • Own for life, This is a subscription free zone, Invest once and it’s yours life, along with 24/7 support and every update or feature add on we ever make.
  • Monetise any video, You can use any video on youtube with video store…so you don’t even need to make a video to start profiting with it and you don’t need to spend a bunch on video hosting.
  • Make more sales without even trying, You don’t need to charge your sales copy, you don’t need to change you design, simply allowing your visitors to buy while they’re at the point of maximum angagement.
  • The best user experience of any video player, Your visitors can get more information on recommended products, browse your product line or inventory and even purchase without ever leaving the video payer, And by keeping everything at their fingertips, you’re letting them take action the second they’re ready to buy.
  • Finally crack selling from video without selling at all, People trying to scrape by on a few dollar’s commission per sale use youtube embeds, People selling lamborghinis use player like video turbo store.

This wordpress plugin giving you everything you need to turn your video into profit pulling machine, download this plugin and start making money online today!