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Video product pro created by Mario Brown, This is a training course, with this course you’ll learn how to create a high quality video training product within 7 days or less…without being an expert on the topic, without any previous skills or experience, without tedious work and endless writing, without bags of cash!. Mario Brown giving you step by step how you can do it all with ease. This is a proven system, with this system you can build your own money machine with ease!

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Here’s what yout get :

  • Step #1: Plan it, Before you even begin creating your first product, you absolutely must get into the right”mental zone.”This isn’t some wishy-washy self-help junk. This is critical psychological preparation and it’s the #1 reason most people never finish creating their products.
  • Step #2: Create it, Mario Brown show you simple content creation trick that slashes hours of back breaking work, and allows you to create awesome content that people love to consume and thank you for sharing, even if you’re not a writer and feel shy around people.
  • Step #3: Package it, Discover my super unique product naming method that can literally make or break your product’s sales, before people even visit your sales page. Plus, the cheater’s way to getting amazing graphics, logos, covers and superb video intros for your sales page and video product, without blowing hundreds of dollars and wasting weeks.
  • Step #4: Launch it, Mario Brown show you how to create a member’s area for your products in minutes, how to keep your content secure and how to make sure the whole product delivery process is completely automated and glitch-free from day one.
  • Step #5: Case study, Now you have all the ingredients for product creation success, watch over my shoulder as I walk you through my 7 day product creation case study. Come watch behind the scenes as I create a red hot video product from scratch, and prove, step by step, that you really can do this quickly and easily, even if you’ve never done anything like this before

Simple right?….just five steps and you can create a high quality video training product

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Amazing! Mario Brown with Video product pro giving you everything you need to build your own money machine, and you can started making money online today!