VidBuilderFX Create & Publish Viral Facebook Videos At Push Button Ease

VidBuilderFX is a point and click software generates viral videos just with a keyword!. VidBuilderFX gives you the ability to create videos curated from trending videos clips. What I love the most about VidBuilderFX is that the videos it creates for your marketing, actually are going get you more views and shares on their own since they’re curated from video clips that are already viral. Forget boring how to videos that everybody else is creating the real secret to getting thousands of free views is with viral videos!. Now with VidBuilderFX you can create your first viral video in seconds from now, by compiling other trending videos into your own highlight reel of viral videos, and instantly start getting views, clicks and cash!. With VidBuilderFX you can instantly crank out proven viral videos that people love to watch and share without any expensive tools, steep learning curves or months of trial and error!

VidBuilder FX Pro Pack By Abhi Dwivedi Full Access Unlimited

Here’s how VidBuilderFX Works :

  • Enter a keyword and the app finds trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use.
  • It curates them together, adds your text, filters, voice over, text-to-speech, intro-outro slides.
  • VidBuilderFX automatically publishes them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups easily. It’s a 100% surefire solution to finding, posting and monetizing viral videos.

With VidBuilderFX you can :

  • Turn your text into video narration.
  • Publish videos on Fanpages, Profiles and Groups.
  • Automatically create viral videos.
  • Since all these videos are publicly available so there’s tension of copyright issues.
  • Create one video or bulk create 100s of videos.
  • Export videos and save on your computer.
  • Allows you to create a slide automatically that gives proper credits to the video source, making them perfectly fine to use.

With VidBuilderFX you can create multiple income streams in seconds and your viral video can also :

VidBuilderFX is software which automatically creates viral videos and publish on facebook and other social medial for profits. You just enter keyword and then VidBuilderFX finds trending video clips from web, combines them together, adds you logo, text, watermark, filter, Text-To-Speech, voice over, background music, intro and outro slides and creates a videos. Because VidBuilder FX has proven viral video clips that are trending online, it’s almost guaranteed to get likes, shares and tons more views than regular videos.