Traffic Shield Software Block ALL Bad Traffic BEFORE It Hits Your Sites

Traffic Shield created by Chris Hitman. This is a website security tool, Traffic Shield is an powerful software that will protect your sites from all bad traffic using the most trusted security network in just a few minutes. With traffic shield you will able to stop 99% of hackers and bandwidth eating bots that constantly grind sites to a crawl. This software uses time tested rules and configuration that gives your site the best performance and security. No software is installed on your website of server, Traffic Shield use a PC software to talk to cloudflare, unlike conventional security there is no risk of site or server software clashes. Traffic Shield software automatically sets up “Bad Traffic” blocking. Whilest your sites are under cloudflare, you will get unparalleled protection from known and new pests. The service automatically monitors behaviour and blocks or challenges suspect visitors.

Traffic Shield Software CRACKED! Free Download

Traffic Shield Benefits :

  • No Complex Configuration Screens
  • No Software Problems
  • No More Updates Needed
  • Traffic Shield Protect All Your Sites In One Click, no tech skills required!
  • This software Reduces Server Load
  • Traffic Shield Software Speed Up Your Sites By Approx 30%
  • Save Hardware And Hosting Costs
  • Same Security Technology As Used By Nasdaq and Cisco
  • No Software Clashes. No Messy Installs. More Powerful Than any Plugin

Traffic Shield Software Features :

  • This software is auto configured to block and challenge the biggest pest countries by default.
  • With this software your sites will run faster and use less site resources in the process.
  • Traffic Shield Software uses time tested rules and configuration that gives your site the best performance and security.
  • Traffic Shield also applies a blocklist of known traffic hogs and pests so you don’t need to do anything.
  • All this translates to faster load speeds for your visitors, higher Google rankings and more secure sites.
  • Save Hours, Technical Headaches and Protect All Your Sites At Once In Just A Few Clicks
  • This software auto blocks bad traffic, hackers and other scumbags.
  • Instantly speed up your sites by up to 100% and boost your google rankings.

Traffic Shield Does All The Hard Work For You,

  • Autoblock and challenge bad countries
  • DNS redundancy for Maximum Uptime
  • Boost SEO score via improved site speed
  • Avoid Google Reverse DNS Penalties
  • Blocks scrapers, bots & hackers
  • Traffic Shield Speed up your sites by up to 100%
  • Reduce your server loads by up to 80%
  • Supports Win XP,7,8,10 (MAC on Parallels)

Traffic Shield is The best website security, this software Block ALL bad traffic BEFORE it hits your sites. So use Traffic Shield software right now to protect all your sites using the most trusted security network on the planet in just a few minutes!