Social Daddy The Amazing 6-in-1 Social Media Management Software

Social Daddy is a unique social media manager, it is clear that if you are a serious social media user and marketer you will need the Social Daddy to have better interaction and marketing results across six Social media platforms. Social Daddy is a multi-platform, social media marketing and automation tool. With its drop-dead easy social media accounts integration you no longer need to be a slave to Facebook or your other major social media accounts. Let the Social Daddy handle all this for you from one easy to use, intuitive dashboard. A Breakthrough social media management tool which allows you to put all your social networks at just one place and manage your work efficiently and fast. Social Daddy designed to help digital agencies or entrepreneurs, manage and track their social media efforts across six major different platforms. You can pretty much autopost in any of your channels..These include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Social Daddy Charter Pack By Dr. Ope Banwo Lifetime Access

With Social Daddy you can manage your social media accounts from one central platform

  • Insightful at a glance, detailed analytics to so you can get the very best results from every single one of your campaigns.
  • Quickly and easily create beautiful text and visual assets using Social Daddy visual editor and in-built templates.
  • Schedule and Make Social Media Posts across Multiple platforms in one single dashboard and post with just one click. Your Social Media Management has never been easier or faster!
  • Receive Real-time message notification from all your social media accounts.
  • The all-in-one Social Media Platform that allows us to engage all top social media platforms from just one spot, and generate business on demand, using social media.

Here’s what you can do with Social Daddy :

  • Receive, manage and mass reply to all messages from those platforms right inside the Social Daddy dashboard using Facebook Messenger Chat Bot.
  • Simple Tweeting, retweeting and Twitter mass message your followers.
  • Post, schedule, edit and delete your content for all 6 platforms at the same time with in a click.
  • with Social Daddy you can set up Facebook group post campaign in one click.
  • Generate new leads from Twitter using the Twitter Prospectr.
  • Auto respond to your teams queries and enquiries on Slack using the slack Bot.
  • Publish and schedule posts daily on InstaGram.
  • Write, View and delete your wordpress post.
  • Reacting to your customer inquiries through the inherent Facebook visit delivery person instrument.
  • Getting constant messages and answers on your business pages, empowering you to react promptly and give your clients a superior ordeal.
  • Social daddy so far, has been the Simplest solution to your biggest problem. no more virtual assistants and software hopping.
  • with Social Daddy you can update, post, chat, interact, educate and manage your followers and prospects all from one central location, with minimal efforts.

Social Daddy is 100% easy to use software solution is providing extraordinary results, for Marketers and Business Owners around the world, when it comes to social media marketing. Social Daddy will help you cut that time drastically and get you enough time saved to on other important business activities.