ShopiRater eCom App Grows Your Store & Builds Your Brand For You

ShopiRater is one powerful app, Shopirater automatically floods your store with viral email traffic and authentic, real reviews to gain instant authority and send your sales through the roof. Shopirater a SaaS app that allows you to run incentivized review and endless email traffic campaigns that grows a real brand handsfree. eCom stores are definitely the biggest opportunity this year, and with the combination of eCom legacy and the ShopiRater storegrowth software you have everything you need to start and rapidly scale a real business you can be proud of. Shopirater is the only app that allows Shopify and WooCommerce store owners to set up and automate incentived-based review campaigns and viral email traffic campaigns that help grow store and brand for you. It is the best traffic generating app that contains 3 value videos showing easily to create your own store with tons of value.

ShopiRater Software Pro Instant Download Created By Ben Murray

ShopiRater works for both eCom stores and affiliate stores in 5 steps :

  • Step-1: Connect ShopiRater to your store and choose to run a standard campaign.
  • Step-2: Next, choose what products you want this campaign to apply to.
  • Step-3: Design your incentive pages with drag and drop builder, done for you templates or connect a third party page builder.
  • Step-4: Then, customize the download page that will give you your promised gift.
  • Step-5: Customize the final download page, hit submit, and watch the reviews and traffic.

With ShopiRater you can turns your store into a sales and traffic machine

  • It works for any type of store.
  • It imports and exports existing reviews.
  • It creates fully customizable review widgets with social proof elements.
  • Shopify and WooCommerce approved.
  • Drag-drop incentive and thank-you page builder.
  • Run brand-new, incentive based review gathering campaigns that drive traffic.
  • Target review campaigns globally by category, or by individual products.
  • With ShopiRater you can creates autoresponder sequences and followups for more sales and traffic.
  • And many more!

ShopiRater is Loaded with Features :

  • 100% customize the look and feel of your reviews widget.
  • With ShopiRater you can import or export existing reviews in one click.
  • Target review campaigns globally (for all products) by category, or by individual products.
  • Review and traffic campaigns run on 100% autopilot, but are 100% customizable.
  • Integrate Shopify’s simple STMP system or your own for great email delivery.
  • Add FAQs, ratings systems to each review, and more just like Amazon does.
  • and far more.

ShopiRater is one powerful app. Customers are simply too busy to drop what they are doing, leave a great review, and refer your store to all their friends. ShopiRater is the first ever to run autopilot incentivized campaigns that pull real reviews and get perpetual, traffic to your stores through viral email campaigns. This app automatically floods your store with viral email traffic and authentic, real reviews to gain instant authority and send your sales through the roof.