Rocket Bar Call To Action Bar Software To Monetize Any Site

Rocket bar created by Sam Bakker and Sam Robinson. This is a call to action bar software and you can use this software to monetize any site, generate leads and pull profits, even before the visitor scrolls down!. Rocket bar is a web based software, no software to download and this software works on both Mac’s and PC’s. This software help you to generate leads and more sales with this new exciting technology, you can share your content around Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want around the web with your special rocket bar link. Easy to use this software will dramatically help you generate more traffic in your business.

Instant ACCESS FREE To Rocket Bar Software By Sam Bakker

Here’s you can do with this software :

  • Create cta bar for your bonus page promotions, Use this software with your bonus promotion sending people to the sales page but with your bonus link popped above it so everyone can see it.
  • Create cta bar for your affiliate promotions, Use this software with all of your affiliate promotions when a user decides to Opt-in they are added to your list and you can redirect them through your affiliate link to.
  • Create cta bar for your own product promotios, Use this software with your own promotions, directing people who click on articles and sites back to your website with rocket bar.
  • Choose to generate leads with your rocket bar, Generate leads with ease using this software easy integration with getresponse, aweber and mailchimp.
  • Choose to generate clicks to your affiliate offers with calls to action, Select call to action to easily direct people through a call to action button to your chosen affiliate offer or website.
  • Use this software with any content around the web, Use this software with 100% of content around the web. Pop up rocket bar above the content and use it to direct visitors wherever you want them to go.
  • Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, You can also automatically post to both Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button. If you don’t want to do that use your special link and post it where you’ll get visitors seeing your cta bar.
  • Quick and easy only takes minutes to create, Create your cta bar with this software in minutes. It’s that simple!, simply create your bar then select your content and you’re away.

This software giving you everything you need to generate your leads and pull profits, so…what are you waiting for? this software right now!