Opportunity Bot – Find Deals & Leads On 8 Biggest Markets In Seconds

Opportunity Bot created by Michael Thomas. This is a bot software was created to help you find opportunities, deals and leads on 8 biggest markets. This software giving you new idea to build your business. You can find new business leads in seconds, so this software save your time. With a single click of button this software giving you 1000’s of new lead opportunities on CraigsList, Kijiji’s and GumTree. You can use such data to beat your competitors, and you can take action to build a business quickly. This is a powerful software to help you making big money!

Download FREE Opportunity Bot CRACKED Working!!

This software can do…

  • Find Flipping Opportunities In Minutes
  • Find 100’s Fresh Business Leads In Seconds
  • Find 1000’s Fresh Arbitrage Leads In Minutes
  • Find 100’s Of Outsourcers In Seconds

This software supports 8 different markets as below :

  • SeoClerks, Finding the best outsourcer for the cheapest price can be time consuming and problematic. Opportunity Bot presents all relevant outsourcers on one page, all in an easy to read table. Shave hours off your outsourcer selection time.
  • Elance, If you’re a freelancer, or you’re in the business of brokering high demand services like programming, now you can find all the best gigs, you know, the ones that have been put in the wrong category…
  • CraigsList, Whether you’re looking to expand your existing offline business, make some quick cash on the side flipping, or start your arbitrage business. CraigsList is the place to go for building or expanding your service based business.
  • Fiverr, Quickly flick through all the best Fiverr gigs without having to wait for page-after-page of amateurs trying to sell you on their Microsoft Paint logos. One screen, all gigs.
  • Upwork (Formerly Odesk), The best jobs are those that are miss-categorized – don’t spend hours searching for them, only to be too late. Find the needles in the haystack in no time.
  • Kijiji, Canada’s answer to CraigsList, this untapped market has been largely ignored thanks to the popularity of it’s big brother. Make no mistake, there are deals, gigs, clients and more for the taking. Get in while it’s hot.
  • GumTree, Both GumTree Australia And GumTree UK are yours for the taking. Find all the deals, gigs, clients & more in seconds.

You’ll get step by step training how to use this software to giving you big profits, With this training you can build your business quickly. Remember time is money, Opportunity Bot giving you everything you need to start making money online today. Download this software right now!