Omniwebinars Software Turn Any Video Into A 100% Live-Like Webinar

OmniWebinars software enables anyone, even a complete newbie, to broadcast a truly 100% fully automated live webinar, from a recorded video. OmniWebinars helps you run a fool-proof, crash-proof, fumble-free, a 100% perfect webinar even if it’s your very first attempt at webinars. You’ll be able to do a webinar exactly like those of super affiliates you’ve attended yourself and couldn’t praise enough. And with the built-in features, OmniWebinars is guaranteed to take your bottom line onto an entirely different level increasing your profits, sales and leads exponentially. OmniWebinars is a next generation webinar technology that enables anyone to run a truly 100% automated webinar.

Omniwebinars Software Deluxe Package Instant Download By Alex Costan

With Omniwebinars you can turns any video into a fully automated live webinar

  • Unlimited attendees, 100 or 10000 there are truly no limits.
  • Take questions during your live call and answer them without you having to be in front of your computer.
  • Schedule your live webinars and their replays on any day of the week on repeat to bring in profits for you 24/7.
  • With Omniwebinars you can build a buyers list fast using built-in export feature and export them in your favorite autoresponders.
  • Broadcast your webinars in ‘cuts’ so when an attendee tries to join back a webinar, they start right from where they left of. No other software in the entire market can do this.

Top marketers are loving Omniwebinars Software :

  • TruRec Technology. Let your attendees ask away all their questions and queries without you having to be behind your computer typing away the answers for them!
  • Easy to deploy. Put in your recorded video, click just few buttons to get your webinar link ready to share and mail in less than a minute.
  • TruLive Technology. Just imagine being live on a webinar giving an awesome demo of your offer, answering questions of your attendees and making sales while you are thousands of miles away on a vacation sipping your favorite tropical drink.
  • Faster List Building. Your webinar attendees are your best potential prospects since they showed the will and took action to be on your webinar. With just few clicks of your mouse, now they will be on your favorite autoresponders, ready to get follow up emails from you making you even more sales.
  • TruRep Technology. Play an entirely different video or a shortened and a more refined version of your webinar as a replay for a truly 100% live feel for your attendees.
  • Omniwebinars software works on any device or browser. Whether you’re on a desktop PC, tablet or even a smartphone, you can broadcast your recordings as webinar with no software installation needed.

If you are a blogger you can use Omniwebinars to win your readers trust and look like an authority in their eyes, give them great free content on webinars and they will become your blog’s reader for life.