Interactive Video Suite Make Interactive Video For Your Every Visitor

Interactive Video Suite is a very innovative software. This is a must have software for every video marketer and business owner. With Interactive Video Suite you can deliver perfectly targeted sales pitches and massively increase your conversions by showing what your customers want to see. Interactive Video Suite is the only software that lets you see how every individual segment of your video is performing. With Interactive Video Suite you can put personalised buttons over your video to send them to any URL of your choice based on the choice of your visitors. This will give choice to your visitors to go to the personalised page which they want to see first. Hence more chances of them buying your product. So stop wasting traffic by sending to old boring videos which your prospective customers are not willing to watch anymore, let Interactive Video Suite do it’s magic and 10x your revenue.

Interactive Video Suite Pro Instant Download By Jai Sharma

What You are Able To Do With Interactive Video Suite :

  • Create the most engaging videos ever. By having a conversation with your viewer, you can keep them hooked from the first second to the last.
  • Massively increase your conversions. Perfecting targeting and engagement leads to huge increases in sales  without any need for a scammy hard sell.
  • Rip up the video marketing rule book. you’ve got a brand new solution to the big problem most video marketers will never fix.
  • Track your customers with pinpoint accuracy. Interactive Video Suite is the only software that lets you see how every individual segment of your video is performing.
  • Deliver perfectly targeted sales pitches. By getting your viewer to give you information and tailoring the pitch they get, you’ll be guaranteed to address all their concerns.

Here’s How Interactive Video Suite Works :

  • Add or Upload your Videos. The first step of the process is to upload one’s videos. You can either upload the videos to Youtube or use free tier account of Amazon S3 account (Tutorials included).
  • Add an Interaction Layer. Once you have loaded the videos, select the video which will be the starting point of the Video Funnel. Now on the timestamp of your choice Add an Interaction Layer that will segment the audience and personalise the funnel for the viewers.
  • Add Elements on the Layer. Now it’s time to add elements like Call to Action Buttons, Text, Clickable Images, Static Images or Hotspots to your Interaction Layers.
  • Project Settings. Once you have created all the Interaction layers and set up the elements, it’s time to do the basic project settings like Project Font, it’s thumbnail, Chose if you would like a responsive video and the most important part serve it over http or https based on the domain preference.
  • Publish and Get the Embed Code. After the Project settings, just hit the Publish Button and Interactive Video Suite will get to work its magic. Once done, you will get an Embed code, which you can use it to publish it over your own Landing Pages.
  • Analyse your Videos. Any part of Online Marketing cannot be complete without tracking, Track the stats of your Videos like total views, unique views, conversions if any based on the conversion pixels you use.
  • Use Smart Tru Tracker Events. Interactive Video Suite enabling you to track the effectiveness of each interactive layer and further optimise the individual elements for maximum ROI.

Interactive Video Suite Pro empowers you to, show perosnalized video to every visitor, create multiple video funnels inside video, actionable 3D layer over your video, personalised button over videos, personalised text over videos, personalised static image over videos and much more. Interactive Video Suite unique technology lets you enhance customer interaction, increase revenues, and build a solid, scalable, reliable video marketing business.