FB Video Pressr Automate Your Facebook Marketing

FB video pressr created by Leah Butler Smith. This is a wordpress plugin designed to manage multiple fan pages, you can build as many fan pages in as many niches as you want and manage from one installation!. This plugin very easy to use, no html or coding knowledge required, just plug it in and get started!. With this plugin you can drive extra interest and value to your fan pages by posting automatic updates from rss feeds and reddit!. This plugin will constantly monitor as many rss feeds as you want and auto-publish posts to any of your facebook pages as soon as a new entry appears.

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Product Features :

  • Autoposts custom promotional messages as often as you want. so you can drive traffic to ANY URL in ANY niche. Think CPA, Amazon, anything you want!
  • Fully automates UNLIMIMITED fanpages in MULTIPLE niches from just one installation!
  • Autoposts hot Reddit topics from any subreddit to your Fanpages as often as you want.
  • Autoposts quality, relevant videos from channels to your Facebook pages as often as you want.
  • You can assign each channel its own priority level so higher priority channels post more often.
  • Autoposts updates from any specified RSS feeds to drive interest and engagement with any of your Fanpages
  • Can create unlimited sets of promotional messages so every niche or even every channel you curate from can have its own super relevant promotions
  • Supports automatic message rotation and spintax on all promotional messages for maximum randomization
  • You can choose how far in the past you want to curate from for each channel you select. So you could choose to post from the past week, past month or whatever you want.
  • Full plugin posting history allows you to see exactly what has been posted when.

Product Benefits :

  • Manage multiple fan pages, Now you can build as many Fan Pages in as many Niches as you want and manage from ONE installation!
  • Choose your niche add video channels, Simply choose the channels with content related to your niche … and the plugin takes care of curation!
  • It’s easy to use, No html or coding knowledge required, just plug it in and get started!
  • Add quality, relevent content, Auto curate interesting content from RSS feeds, and Reddit. Plus post your own custom promotional messages!

FB video pressr best choice for you to automate your facebook marketing!. You can combine this plugin with this social store app to build viral profit pulling stores in minutes!