Cover Genie Pro Build Your own Guru Level Covers & Realistic Mockups

Cover genie pro created by Kayte Lee, June Ashley and Edmund Loh. Cover genie pro is an amazing 3D cover software with a cutting-edge technology that quickly creates stunning and realistic product graphics such as Boxes, eBooks, CDs, DVDs and much more. Cover genie pro is a state of the art software that lets you create an unlimited number of any covers of your choice, no photoshop required, no design experience needed, no monthly fees. With this sofware now you can build your own cover designs like a pro even if you don’t consider yourself so. With cover genie pro software you can build professional 3D Covers as easy as point and click, drag and drop style!. Cover genie pro is the first web based app that even builds these realistic mockups!

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What You Get With Cover Genie Pro :

  • You’ll Get Cover Genie Pro App, Build expert 3D Covers as very easy as factor as well as click, drag as well as drop style! No layout skill called for.
  • 50 Built-In Templates, You likewise start these pre-made Cover templates you could use and also edit for all specific niches, occasions as well as topics.
  • Full Rights To Your Designs, Use for your internet site, product and even market to customers and also customers. You possess your last work!
  • 150 Unique 3D Cover Models, With Cover Genie Pro software program you could build anything from simple books and also boxes to also intricate bundles and also jaw-dropping sensible mockup designs!
  • Easily Export Your Work, Save in 2D or 3D, PNG style with tinted or transparent background, in 72 dpi resolution. No tricky watermarks.
  • Training and Guides, While very easy to make use of, we reveal how you could understand Cover Genie Pro’s complete possibility also by today.

What You Can Do With Cover Genie Pro Software :

  • With Cover Genie Pro Software you can build your very own professional Covers and Realistic Mockups in simply minutes, no previous experience or design abilities required!
  • Develop UNLIMITED Covers from your internet browser works with Windows, Mac and also almost any kind of significant OS!
  • Photoshop Quality Designs without Photoshop!
  • Excite your site visitors as well as audience and your customers will certainly appreciate the appreciate of their acquisition much better!
  • With Cover Genie Pro you could enhance viewed value of your item. Cover Genie Pro is the initial known software that allows you produce Bundle package deals nearly instantly!
  • Develop mock up Covers for your discussion which prevails in local companies and also on company degrees!
  • Begin your personal business making Covers for your clients as well as ask for a charge! Obtain much more guru-level covers done in much less time, and get more business!
  • Or produce salable templates as well as designs…remember you own your job and also could do whatever you want with it.

Benefits Of Cover Genie Pro :

  • State Of The Art Cover Genie Pro, All-in-one solution to creating your very own stunning, professional Covers and also Sensible Mockups for your items and your clients.
  • Library Of 150 Cover Types To Choose From, Choose any type of Cover type or design you desire all within the next computer mouse click.
  • 50 Ready-Made Templates, Comes ready with adjustable aspects, and suitable for all preferred particular niches, events as well as subjects.
  • Full Royalty-Free, Developer And Resale Rights!, Not only you have this tool to generate an INFINITE variety of Covers, you reach use it for both on your own AND your clients. Market your Cover Design solution or create templates for other individuals. You call your price.

Cover Genie Pro is a web based app that crunches the process of cover designing and eliminates the steep learning curves. With Cover Genie Pro, you can build virtually UNLIMITED number of covers and even photorealistic mockups that are modern, slick and professional!