Blog Network Blueprint Rank Any Site At The Top Of Google

Blog network blueprint created by Todd Spears. You can rank any site at the top of google with your own, private under the radar blog network!. You can rank your blog without expensive backlink packages…without waiting months for results, you don’t need to be a SEO guru, this is completely doable even if you don’t have any experience, you’ll get a step by step blueprint that leaves nothing to chance, you’ll discover all the google traps others fall into.

Blog Network Blueprint FREE DOWNLOAD By Todd Spears

Here’s what you get with this product :

  • What’s a blog network, how does it help rankings
  • The (surprisingly little amount) of things that are required
  • How all under the radar blog networks are set up
  • How to completely mask each and every one of your blogs and do it on a shoestring budget
  • Where and how to get semi-unique, automated content for your blog network
  • The awesome method Clinton and I use to get domains with high authority and trust for cheap
  • How to build links properly, completely avoiding the Penguin-slap
  • Step by step setup
  • What’s a private nameserver and why do you need it before you start (it’s free!)
  • Automation tools you’ll need
  • The best practices we use to stay safe and avoid being deindexed by Google

This is NOT a BLACKHAT TECHNIQUE, This is ethical and perfectly because…you’ll be giving google exactly what it wants so you won’t have to worry about Panda, Penguin or any other update they come up with. You’ll learn how to unleash the power of themed sites and themed blogs (essential in post Penguin aftermath!), and much more. With blog network blueprint you can rank any site at the top of google very easy! and you can increase your profits

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