AI Beam: Turn a Keyword Into an In-Demand Course in 3 Clicks With AI

AI Beam is an innovative AI-powered online course creator that has been generating a lot of buzz in the education industry. Developed by Victory Akpos, AI Beam leverages advanced artificial intelligence to automate nearly every aspect of online course creation. This groundbreaking platform empowers individuals, even those with no technical skills or experience, to effortlessly create professional, revenue-generating online courses in almost any niche.

AI Beam Online Class Creator Instant Download

AI Beam Review – Key Features and Benefits of AI Beam:

AI Beam offers a range of powerful features and benefits that make it a game-changer in the online education market:

  1. AI-Powered Course Research: By simply entering a broad niche or topic, AI Beam conducts in-depth research to identify the most in-demand and profitable subtopics to create courses around.
  2. AI-Generated Course Outlines: AI Beam structures complete course outlines, including module topics, video titles, and key learning points, saving users hours of planning time.
  3. AI-Written Video Scripts: AI Beam writes professionally formatted video scripts tailored to each module in the course, providing high-quality textual content in seconds.
  4. AI-Designed Visual Assets: AI Beam designs all the visual assets for the course, such as slides, workbooks, cheat sheets, diagrams, and infographics, eliminating the need for manual graphic design work.
  5. AI-Recorded Videos: Leveraging text-to-speech technology, AI Beam automatically records voiceover videos for the course, saving users hours of recording and editing time.
  6. Built-in Payment System: AI Beam includes a built-in payment system that allows users to easily charge for access to their courses. It offers customizable pricing, coupons, subscriptions, and more.
  7. AI-Generated Traffic: AI Beam promises to drive targeted organic traffic to the course sales page using AI, reducing reliance on paid ads.
  8. Detailed Analytics: AI Beam provides detailed analytics to track registrations, sales, and more for each course. This allows users to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement.
  9. White Label Courses: AI Beam courses are completely white label, allowing users to add their own brand and sell them as their own without any AI Beam branding.

Commercial License Included: With AI Beam, users receive a commercial license that allows them to sell the AI-generated courses and keep 100% of the profits. There are no royalty fees to pay.

AI Beam Review – Who Can Benefit from AI Beam:

  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Affiliates
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • YouTubers & Podcasters
  • Small Businesses
  • Educators
  • Retirees

These users can leverage AI Beam to quickly create professional online courses, tapping into the booming online education market and generating a substantial passive income stream.

Can AI Beam integrate with popular course platforms like Udemy or Teachable?

AI Beam does not have a direct integration with popular course platforms like Udemy or Teachable. However, there are alternative methods to integrate AI Beam with these platforms. Here are some possible approaches:

  1. Embedding AI Beam in course pages: You can embed AI Beam’s AI-powered features, such as chatbots or virtual assistants, directly into the course pages on Udemy or Teachable. This integration can enhance the learning experience by providing interactive and personalized support to students.
  2. Using AI Beam for course content creation: AI Beam can be utilized to automate the process of creating course content. It can generate quizzes, assessments, or even course materials based on specific topics or keywords. This can save time for instructors and provide additional resources for students.
  3. Leveraging AI Beam for course analytics: AI Beam’s analytics capabilities can be integrated with Udemy or Teachable to provide insights into student engagement, performance, and learning patterns. This data can help instructors optimize their courses and identify areas for improvement.

It’s important to note that these integrations may require custom development or the use of third-party tools. It’s recommended to consult with AI Beam’s documentation or reach out to their support team for specific guidance on integrating with Udemy or Teachable.

AI Beam Review – How AI Beam Works:

AI Beam stands out for its incredible ease of use. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how it works:

  1. Sign Up and Access AI Beam: Users sign up for an AI Beam account and gain access to the AI Beam web app dashboard, where they can create and manage their AI-generated online courses.
  2. Choose a Niche and Enter a Topic: From the dashboard, users select a niche category for their course and enter a specific topic or keyword for AI Beam to build the course around.
  3. Adjust Course Settings: Users can customize settings such as course length, number of modules, video vs. text lessons, price, and more. These settings are factored into the course generated by AI Beam.
  4. Generate Course Content: AI Beam leverages OpenAI’s powerful GPT-3 language model to research the topic and output detailed course content, including outlines, scripts, and more.
  5. Tweak the AI-Generated Content: Users have the option to review and make edits to the AI-generated course materials, although often the content is comprehensive enough to use as-is.
  6. Download and Brand Course: Once ready, users can download the completed course materials, add their brand elements like logos and color schemes, and import everything to their preferred course platform.
  7. Market and Sell Your Course: Users can follow the traffic-driving tactics outlined in the AI Beam training to enroll students in their course, collect payments, and deliver their AI-powered course.

AI Beam is suitable for various users, including coaches, consultants, freelancers, agencies, affiliates, bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, podcasters, small businesses, educators, and retirees. The platform allows these users to create online courses easily and focus on their strengths rather than technical course production.


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